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Tenancy Collection

Improve your cash flow


The ultimate protection against bad debts, where you have your debtors insured against the risk of insolvency...


Extends from full credit approval to monitoring, reporting services and tailored outsourced credit management.


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How It Works

We will allow clients to access Tenancy Collection management app 24/7 using their secure username and password.

The steps to maximize recovery of outstanding accounts are as follows:

  • Client/Solicitor Demand Letter
    Send a Client/Solicitor Demand Letter and email to the debtor together with direct debit request to automate the rental payment.
  • Conduct a Field Visit Inspection
    Conduct a field visit Inspection to the debtor to demand payment and ascertain the likelihood of payment in the event of legal action.
  • Legal Action
    Should the matter still remain unresolved the client is able to instruct our panel Solicitor to commence legal action.

Credit control made easy

Tenancy Collection integrates easily into your existing accounting software making the once difficult task of chasing up late paying customers an automated breeze.Tenancy Collection is your end to end debtor management solution from the day you create an invoice to the day it’s paid, Tenancy Collection gives you access to a platform that is designed to get you paid on time, every time.

  • Legal & debt collection

  • Accept payment 24/7

  • Reminder workflow

  • Plug in your accounting system

  • Credit checks

Thank You for payments

What is Rent Collections

Tenancy Collection or rent collection is to recover your rent on time to improve your cash flow and also to do rent recovery when it’s delayed to protect your debtor’s ledger, rent collection is very important to sustain cash flow.

Even the most rigorous and disciplined credit management cannot prevent bad debts, any business with these exposures should ensure they are protected with Tenancy Collection.Self-insurance or a bad debt reserve does not replace monies lost, whereas we at Tenancy Collection all we do is to do recovery and to increase your cash flow that puts cash back in your hands.

Customise your reminder workflows

You choose what to say, how to say it and when

  • Invoice due soon

    Pre-reminder email

    +5 days
  • Due Date
    +5 days
  • Reminder Email

    Pre-reminder email

    +10 days
  • Second follow-up

    SMS reminder

    +7 days
  • Phone Call Reminder

    Phonecall reminder

    +10 days
  • Send a letter

    Mail a letter

    +7 days
  • Reminder Email

    Email reminder

    +7 days
  • Phone Call Reminder

    Phonecall reminder

  • Demand Letter
  • SMS reminder

A web application automating Payment Plans and Connecting Creditors, Field Agents & Solicitors

  • Flexible term payments from bank accounts and credit cards at the point of sale
  • Batch Loading for volume accounts
  • Demand Letters allowing flexible term payment options using Direct Debit requests.
  • Field Call to demand payment from the debtor and warn of pending legal action
  • Web based platform provides clients with 24/7 access to status of each account along with complete payment history
  • Automated email reminders to prompt the client on each account
  • Recoverable clause allows client to recover fees from the debtor
  • Solicitor referral should legal action be required
  • Unlimited access to “Smart Bureau” to list and search defaulters