Why use tenancy collection?

We’re a one-stop rent collection center.

About us

Tenancy collection was established in 2018, as a specialized collection software. Our business has grown steadily to become the leading tenancy collection agency throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Over the years, we realized that while our product was ultimately rental collection , our business was actually about protecting our client’s profitability. While collection is the ultimate safeguard against bad debts, better business practices in credit management can also help to improve profitability on a day to day basis. We have therefore developed a complete range of collection services for our clients.

Tenancy Collection can assist you in

  • Debt recovery coverage
  • Company/Individual information and specialized reports
  • Credit assessments and recommendations
  • Commercial debt collections
  • Litigation funding
  • Specialized debt support
  • Debt management
  • Debtor monitoring and alerts
  • Debtors registrations
  • Pre and post insolvency advice
  • Tailored debt procedure manuals
  • Collection training & credit advice
  • Debt Consultancy Reports
  • Surety and Debtor Finance

Ownerships and Memberships

We are a part of Goodplaces Labs.

We are the only partner that combines local service with global, to provide the solution of rent collection and risks to local and international rental properties’ companies.

We, at Tenancy Collection ensures that we are benefit to clients, extending from local organizations to global alliances. It enables us to better understand challenges and risks, our clients face while dealing on rental properties.

Our partnerships include:

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Management team

If you would like to contact any of our management team, please email jagar.singh@goodplaces.co and they will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

  • Stuart Anderson

    Chief Executive Officer – Asia

  • Jeff George

    Group Service, Risk & Compliance Manager

  • Angela Carrier

    Executive Manager – Operations

  • Kirk Cheesman

    Managing Director