We’ve developed a complete range of Tenancy Collection services.

Rent Collections

What is rent collections?
Tenancy Collection or Rent Collection is to recover rent when it is delayed protecting debtor’s ledger and to improve cash flows. However rent collection is very important to sustain cash flow.

Even the most rigorous and disciplined credit management cannot prevent bad debts, any business with these exposures should ensure they are protected with Tenancy Collection.Self-insurance or a bad debt reserve does not replace monies lost, whereas we at Tenancy Collection all we do is to do recovery and to increase your cash flow that puts cash back in your hands.

Credit Services

Risk management in Tenancy Collection on rent is a vital tool used in Tenancy Collection to protect the financial health of your business.

Our rent collection risk management service is proactive and designed to help your company’s financial while increasing accountability for cash flow and profitability. In other words, we aim to balance our client’s drive to increase sales with the capability to collect money owed.

Our rent risk management services are supported by the extensive information we hold, it is continually updated on our exclusive online rental defaulters/debtor database. In addition to offering comprehensive and sound information on your defaulters/debtors, assisting you with setting appropriate and fair rental credit limits, we provide advice in the following specialised areas:

  • Pre and post insolvency of a renter/customer
  • Auditing current credit management procedures and manuals
  • Obtaining enforceable guarantees
  • Preparing new credit management procedures and manuals
  • Effecting retention of deposits in the event of a payment not being received
  • Training in credit management procedures
  • Terms of Tenancy agreement conditions and charging interest on overdue accounts


Our credit risk management allows you to relax in confidence for the following reasons:
  • Practical advice

    We can provide you with advice on issues such as effective retention of title, directors guarantees and terms of sales. We can even audit your credit management procedures manual or provide relevant training and consultation.

  • Customer profiles

    Our reports are not “off the shelf” information, instead we offer personalised, current and accurate mercantile reports. Our clients also gain free unlimited access to NCINet and over 600,000 debtors.

  • Reliable credit limits

    If you have already set credit limits for your customers, on what basis are these limits set and how often are they reviewed? Our experienced analysts draw on an extensive range of data and will provide you with thorough advice on your credit limits.

  • Timely advice on changes

    We can provide you with early warning signs on selected debtors. You will be alerted to changes or adverse events on your debtors as soon as we are aware of the facts. Wouldn’t it be valuable to know if there was a change in your debtors’ credit profile or if they have overdue debts elsewhere?

  • Deal with the right entity

    Most debtors’ ledgers have an identity error rate of around 10%. Dealing with the correct legal entity ensures that you have a contract to pursue and that you will rank for dividend in the event of insolvency. We can review your ledger so that you always know who you are dealing with.