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Who do we help

Our services applies to any individual or company providing products or services on credit terms, exposure to potential non-payment and bad debt. Our clients choose to mitigate this potential risk by using our credit risk management services. Our clients range from local property owners to expatriates who owns property and operate in a range of industries.

Whatever your services or products may be,we are ready to provide a credit risk management solution which can be explored to mitigate your risks, providing comfort for your growth and future sales.

Range of Industries

  • Tenancy Collection coverage
  • Default rent assessments and recommendations
  • Litigation funding
  • Outstanding rent management
  • Tenancy agreement registrations
  • Tenancy Rent recovery procedure manuals
  • Consultancy Reports (Rent)
  • Company/Individual information and specialized reports
  • Commercial collections
  • Tenancy Collection System support
  • Debtor monitoring and alerts
  • Pre and post insolvency advice
  • Credit training & credit advice
  • Surety and Debtor Finance

Client Testimonials

We have a strong track record of repeat business from our clients, while continuing to win new customers on a consistent basis. We’re proud to present the following testimonials from some of our clients:

  • Its good

    Accolade Wines – Export

    They have team of recovery officers who have strong background. They were able to help us with any level of collection and recovery customization with their vast experience, helped us in various projects and they are very open to accommodate our extended requirements for weekly/monthly recovery statistics. 🙂 Very much dedicated to customer success and seek longer term business partnership. Highly recommend them as offshore partner for ongoing recovery maintenance.

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